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Shitty cellphone pic but this lil snake encounter holds a place in my heart. This is a garter snake I stumbled upon on my door step the morning my ex and I split. I was preparing to move my stuff out of the house that day and she had left to give me the day to move without having to deal with her. I opened the door, awaiting my father to come help with the move, and just about stepped on this lil one. Luckily I didn’t but was able to get a few shots of it before letting it go in the woods. I’ll always remember this dude. Snakes have been a huge coping mechanism for me during my divorce and meeting this guy the day she and I split kinda met me like an omen. I feel like meeting him was a reminder of my passion. Towards the end of our relationship it was getting clear that she was wanting me to get rid of my snakes. Sadly I was contemplating it. But when it ended, and I met this lil one. It’s like it all rushed back into me. The joy of working with these animals. This is my passion. Nothing is more important to me than working with these critters and helping the world view them in the same wonderful light that I do. My animals have helped me get through all of this but this lil guy, he’s the one who lit me up again. I will always have him to thank for it.

I have a feeling a lot of people will delete the text but I hope most don’t so people can see just what an impact all animals can have on people. Not just the fuzzy cuddly animals.

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Sorry about the odd tinting, I took these randomly while my blue window “shade” was down so everyone was really blue at first and this is the best I could get from my windows photo editor thing lol. But I thought I’d share them because Timber looks pwetty <3 Sorry also for Kiba in that first one ahahah…

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Bikini Bottom just got real..

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While I never did get to hold you,I loved watching You explore and grab the crickets in your enclosure. I put so much thought into it, I’m glad that you got to use it as long as you did. With no insight on your background, I figured this could happen. I’m just glad you spent your days here among friends rather than at a pet store, where you would be tossed out like trash. You were a feisty little lass, and I loved that about you, even when it lead to you escaping in the old reptile room. All precious memories that I’ll keep forever.
Scuttle on, my Tokay Titan,
R.I.P Gazzu the Tokay gecko 4/15/14

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Satisfying things

being a human is so weird

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Wow tumblr said I had a new message, so go to check it out. I see a single second of it, and then BOOM!

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Guys! Look at this sweet heart. We found this precious bab outside in my neighbors yard.
He’s dehydrated, skinny, and his skin isn’t in the best shape. None the less, this little guy is beautiful. He’s currently in an old tub, but as soon as I can make better accommodations, he’ll be in a better set up.
I love this baby already, goodness gracious. What a rescue!

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ah fuck

Pokemon X and WHHHHHYYYYY?

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